Ippolito International is a full-service vegetable supplier. Focusing on the retail, wholesale, and foodservice industries across the USA & Canada.


We alternate our growing and shipping locations between California, Arizona and Mexico to ensure a steady, uninterrupted supply of fresh produce year-round. From Salinas, we coordinate all farm and harvest operations on theWest Coast, including Mexico, by aligning supply and demand, thus ensuring the freshest possible products.


We take extreme care to ensure the freshness and safety of our products. Ippolito International is a signatory member of The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement. We have an extensive food safety program that covers all aspects of our operation, from growing through packing and shipping. Our third party audits are conducted by The Leafy Greens Association in California and Arizona as well as Primus Labs and NSF Davis Fresh Technologies.


March through December
Ship from Central Coast Cooling Salinas, California

December through March
Ship from Advance Cooling Yuma, Arizona

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